Prescription Reading GlassesRx Reading Glasses

Do you need reading Glasses?

We offer a special collection of custom-made Prescription readers to provide the best vision up close.

Benefits of prescription readers over drugstore readers:

  • Custom readers correct each eye’s prescription and drugstore readers don’t.
  • Custom readers correct astigmatism.
  • Custom readers use optical-quality plastic lenses while over the counter readers use acrylic lenses.
  • Frames are made of top-quality materials made to last and are available in fashionable styles.

Visit our store to see our variety of frames or call (352) 796-0340 for more details.

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  • Contact Lenses

Brooksville Optical also carries an excellent assortment of high quality hearing aids at a significant discount. Hearing Aid Service Available by licensed Hearing Specialist. Digital hearing aids starting at $499.00

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